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    Our Epoxy Flooring Services In Valdosta, Georgia

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    Our company here in Valdosta, Georgia is here to serve you and all of your needs. We know concrete and we want to tell you about all of the services we have that will lengthen your concrete slab’s lifespan, brighten up and deep design details, and create safe and healthy environments for all to enjoy.

    Concrete sealing, for example, is extremely important and highly needed when you have a concrete slab. Professionally sealing concrete is not an option nor is up for debate because concrete, although tough, is not highly resistant to damage.

    Benefits of sealing your concrete:
    • Increases concrete lifespan
    • Improves appearance, deepens colors, and improves overall functionality
    • Increases property value
    • Inexpensive and quickly finished by professionals
    • Reduces cracking, spalling, and flaking
    • Protects concrete from staining and oil spills
    • Mold and mildew-resistant
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    Rustic Wood Flooring

    It looks like wood but acts like concrete

    A professionally installed rustic wood floor will resemble authentic wood in all of the important ways, like in its aesthetic appeal, its feel on bare feet, and the atmosphere it creates for a home or business. Rustic wood flooring is truly a remarkable advance in technology and a large step forward away from a much more delicate and expensive real wood flooring system. There is no doubt that a real wood floor creates a rustically modern interior design, but at what price? The floors are extremely fragile and expensive to maintain, unlike concrete stamped wood floors.

    Rustic Wood
    Benefits offered from rustic wood flooring:
    • Pet and children friendly
    • Long-lasting. Concrete polishing is a permanent process with results that can last a lifetime. While the concrete will crack over time like all concrete, this can add to the floor’s charm when combined with stains.
    • Resistant to damages caused by impact, scratching, weather, and water
    • Mold and mildew-resistant
    • Great insulators
    • Resistant to shrinkage caused by cooler temperatures
    • Does not and will not require waxes or special cleaners

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    Concrete Resurfacing Options

    Enhance your concrete surfaces today!

    Over time, our concrete will need to be repaired or replaced, but it doesn’t have to be as soon as your concrete begins to show signs of aging. Concrete is a durable and resilient surface that can be resurfaced to rejuvenate its life and expand the use you get from it. The great thing about resurfacing is that it isn’t replacing! This means your floors are being reused and saving you thousands of dollars.

    What can you resurface and why should you?
    • Garage floor resurfacing: this is an area that is constantly being exposed to chemicals, vehicle fluids, cleaning products, impact, and so much more. Resurfacing creates a resistant surface that lasts for decades longer.
    • Driveway concrete resurfacing: our driveways are constantly being exposed to UV-rays, natural weather, and pressure from our vehicles. Exposed concrete tends to crack and show signs of wear quicker then interior concrete so when that happens don’t fret, resurface. This will raise your property value and curb appeal as well as simply make your home look pristine.
    • Basement concrete resurfacing: your concrete in this area needs to be the strongest and most well-kept surface because it is the foundation of your home. Basement concrete floors are exposed to moisture and extreme temperature changes as the season’s change. You do not have to completely replace your slab to ensure it is strong, simply resurface it to get an extended amount of time.
    • Pool deck resurfacing: your pool deck should be a place where you build memories with your friends and family, not a place where danger can be hiding under every step. A well resurfaced pool deck is resistant to pool chemicals, UV-rays, heat, and cracking. This is the time where remodeling and renovation can take place at low and affordable prices.
    Concrete Resurfaced
    • Concrete resurfacing is an affordable and time-efficient way to redo your concrete slab. This is a process that will save you time, money, and is an eco-friendly solution to a potentially extensive environmental malfunction. When you replace instead of resurfacing, you are creating more waste and sending more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
    • Walkway & Patio resurfacing: a walkway and a patio should be safe to use and safe to walk on whether the surface is old or new! When you choose to resurface this area, you are choosing a safe slip-resistant area where you can enjoy the fresh outdoors.
    Concrete Floor Resurfacing
    • Professionally coated surfaces can increase lighting in an area by 300% or more because of the coatings ability to reflect light.
    • Chemical resistance is important for garage areas and commercial spaces that handle harmful substances if used improperly.
    • Eco-friendly solutions are always a positive choice!

    Concrete Coatings

    Commercial and residential concrete floors need some type of coating to ensure it doesn’t just look like old concrete and to add a layer of protection. A concrete coated surface can be installed with designs and colors that simply sealing your concrete would not provide. Concrete coatings create safe, attractive, and highly desirable concrete floors for businesses and homes.

    Some benefits of concrete coatings include:
    • Protection for your floor: with areas that are exposed to high levels of foot-traffic, coating the concrete can protect it from wear and tear. Any spills or chemicals will also be repelled because the coating protects your concretes pores.
    • Coatings can be installed as different colors and offer homes and businesses flooring designs that are long-lasting and affordable.
    • A safe and positive work environment is hard to produce if your floors are not coated. Coating concrete can add a layer of grip that creates a slip-resistant surface, a fire-resistant surface, and an easily maintainable surface.

    Concrete Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy Flooring Valdosta
    Concrete Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy concrete coatings offer owners an unlimited amount of benefits, so what should you look forward too with an epoxy flooring system?

    • 10,000 PSI in strength
    • Impact and abrasion-resistance
    • Fire and water-resistant
    • Customizable color options
    • Oil, grease, and fluid-resistance
    • Epoxy flooring: professionally coated surfaces are resistant to all types of damages including chemical and fire. These floors create distinct and personal designs as well as mimic other flooring materials, while still being all of the good that concrete is.
    • Garage floor epoxy: these coatings protect your concrete floors from vehicle fluid exposure, grease, oil, and so much more. Do not worry about your hot tires wearing your concrete surface down when you have a professionally coated surface.
    • Metallic epoxy flooring: if you’re looking for a one of a kind flooring system that resembles a delicate work of art but is the strongest and most resistant surface available, then metallic epoxy floors are the runs for you! These are 100% solid epoxy surfaces that can create unique 3D illusions in any space you want.
    • Commercial epoxy flooring: protect your floors and your customers with a safe coating. Epoxy floors can be installed to be slip and fire-resistant, saving you time and money on lawsuits and hospital bills. Commercial epoxy floors are also fire-resistant, this means you don’t have to worry about your floors when you head home at the end of a long workday.
    • Industrial epoxy flooring: for facilities under strict codes to follow USDA health and hygiene guidelines, epoxy floors are perfect. Not only hygiene, but these floors are also resistant to chemical breakdowns, they create seamless perfection for machinery to move around on, and they can be used to designate work spots with color coordination. If you’re looking for a super coating, this is the one.
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