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Wood Floor


SUDS Power Washing LLC has technicians with over 10-years of experience and knowledge that they are bringing to the table. These skilled craftsmen have been serving Georgia for over a decade and don’t have any plans to stop! Our team offers:
  • Skilled professionals
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Versatility
  • Different services
  • Long-lasting results
  • Interior and exterior work



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    Maintenance Tips

    After our SUDS Power Washing team has been out and restored your floors to their original beauty, we suggest that floor owners, whether it is a type of deck, patio, or walkway, keep up with their wood floors maintenance. Here are simple ways that can help maintain your surfaces with minimal work required from you would be the following:
    • Wood Surface Sealing: it just simply comes with the territory of exposed floors. Moisture is a large threat to the appearance and functionality of your surfaces, so sealing the deck will ensure the floor is given a longer lifespan. Professionally sealed surfaces block water and moisture from aging the surface too quickly.
    • Clean your deck: that is not a joke. Even if your wood surface even when it doesn’t look like it needs it. Mold and mildew are big issues in exposed wood and having the surface professionally cleaned will help with the possibility of damage.
    • Inspect the surface: regardless of where your exposed wood surface is located, inspect the surface and ensure that large debris is removed.

    Benefits of Professional Wood Restoration

    Our team is here to show you the right way to take care of wood surfaces. Many companies do not know how to properly care for or maintain a wood floor but here at SUDS, we will restore your wood surface immediately.

    The Job

    Having our professionals out to help you restore a wood surface to its original beauty is much more money and time effective than attempting to accomplish the same results from a DIY project. Our technicians work delicate processes and equipment daily and will have the knowledge and training to ensure a positive outcome from their wood restoration project.

    The Finish Will Last

    Many times people want to go with the cheapest option, whether that is a cheap company or a cheap DIY kit, and that is never going to work. What happens with cheap kits and companies is the results don’t last, so you have to keep calling these people back or you have to keep buying the product. With SUDS neither one of those two issues will ever be the case! With proper sanding and techniques, our team will rejuvenate your wood surface and it won’t need attention for over 5 years!

    It Will Take Longer

    Don’t go the way of least amount of time because that will lead to improper cleaning methods like intense power washing a delicate surface or using chemicals your wood cannot resist, thus damaging the surface and the function. Our professionals will use sanding techniques that are appropriate for the texture of the wood. With the route of less time, you spend more time redoing something that could have been done right the first time with SUDS

    There will be a mess

    Are you someone who enjoys cleaning dust and particles out of your eyes, hair, teeth, and wherever else the particles lie? Well, if you don’t hire the right professional that is a high probability. Sometimes procedures and steps need to be taken for wood surfaces that seem to be extremely far gone, and that leaves a mess, so call SUDS to learn more

    With us your save

    That’s right, our SUDS team is not here to take all of the money out of your bank and wallet! We know wood restoration like the back of our own hands, so we want to share those gifts with you! You save so much money, time, and despair by simply calling our professionals and getting started because it is just that easy.

    Wood Restoration

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    Where you’ll find us

    Below are the current areas that we service! If you have any questions or don’t see your area on our list, call our professionals and ask your questions!
    Our Service areas include:
    • Thomasville
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