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Stained Concrete Services

When it comes to new and old concrete, the gray, bland and dusty surface can leave much to be desired. From brand new concrete that needs to be beautified or an old slab that needs repairs to be hidden, stained concrete has all the boxes checked. As one of the top stained concrete contractors we offer:
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    The Versatility Of Stained Concrete

    From embellishing your boring old driveway to adding a new element to your backyard patio, concrete stains can be used in a wide variety of areas! We are proud to install stains in settings like garage floors, pool decking, and walkways. A stain can add a different dimension to your concrete that you didn’t know was possible. Want to know a few common areas that stains are used? Well, you can find them down below!
    Here are a few of the areas that you can use a stained concrete finish with confidence:
    • Interior concrete in living areas, kitchens and restrooms
    • Both commercial and residential garage floors and showrooms
    • Pool decks and patios that need to be refreshed
    • Driveways and walkways to add a different element to your home
    • Light duty commercial facilities and retail centers

    The Benefits Of Stained Concrete

    If you’ve looked online, you have sure seen just how beautiful a stained concrete slab can be but many homeowners assume that is all a stain can provide, a nice finish. But down below, you can find all of the benefits of using concrete stains!


    Because there is not an actual coating associated with stained concrete, the costs to install this flooring system are extremely low, especially in larger settings like decking and warehouses. Along with an affordable upfront cost to install the coating, the maintenance costs to upkeep the system are incredibly low due to the fact that it won’t require the use of polishes to upkeep. Depending on the simplicity of your staining process, you can expect to have your stain installed for as little as 2-4 dollars a square foot, also depending on the condition of the slab and time of year.

    Rapid Installation

    In high traffic areas and your home alike, you want a coating that can be rapidly installed so you can enjoy your coating and limit the time your setting is closed off or unusable. This is an area that stains are amazing in as they are extremely simplistic and our contractors can get yours installed in 2-3 days! But, some factors can make the process take longer like the condition of the concrete slab, the size of the area, and weather can affect the installation process. Also when working with new concrete, the new slab must fully cure which can take up to 28 days.

    Acid Stained Concrete Floors

    Attractive Finish

    When it comes to the customization of your concrete with stains, there are 2 types of stains to familiarize yourself with, acid-based stains and water-based stains. While water-based stains come in more variety in terms of color, they are semi-permanent and will fade after a couple of years, especially when placed outside. The stains that we most often use and recommend for exterior use are the acid-based stain. These stains penetrate into your concrete and react chemically with your slab, creating a permanent color but are limited by earthier tones. To learn about pattern implementation and our recommendations, give us a call!

    Carefree Maintenance

    What brings most home, business and property owners to use a stained concrete finish is the simplistic and carefree maintenance of the system. For daily maintenance, all that is required is the use of a dry dust mop or damp mop to remove any dirt, grime or dust on the coating. For a deeper clean, use a PH neutral cleaner to ensure that the sealer stays in good condition and to remove any surface stains that damp mopping alone can’t remove. Remember, the sealer our team places on the stain will need to be replaced every few years.


    When using an acid-based stain, you will experience one of the most durable coatings on the market. This is because acid stains seep into the concrete and are permanent so they won’t be affected by chipping, fading or peeling. When paired with a quality sealer, your acid stained concrete will also be resistant to chemical damage, scratches and heavy traffic. Not to mention that acid stains are great for exterior use as the material is resistant to UV ray damage. When using a water-based stain, your durability can be affected due to this stain sitting on the surface of your concrete.

    Valdosta Concrete Staining Services

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    We don’t mind traveling to our neighbors in Georgia and Florida to bring the best coatings in the business! If you’re not located in Valdosta, don’t worry! Down below, you will find the areas that we are willing to travel to. Located around these areas? Give us a call to see if we can travel to you.
    Our Service Areas:
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