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Concrete resurfacing is a job to be left for the professionals and SUDS Power Washing is here to meet all of your concrete project needs. We offer premium concrete resurfacing all around the South Georgia and Northern Florida area. We can focus on resurfacing in a variety of areas. We resurface garages, basements, driveways and pool decks. Our resurfacing techniques add value to your home instantly.
  • Garage resurfacing
  • Basement resurfacing
  • Driveway resurfacing
  • Pool deck resurfacing



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    Concrete Resurfacing

    Is Concrete Resurfacing Right For Me?

    Concrete installation and full remodel projects can be an expensive hit to your budget. When your concrete needs an update or has repairs that seem to be beyond light, quick fixes, concrete resurfacing may be the answer for you. Concrete resurfacing lays a thin cement-based layer mixed with special bonding elements to adhere to your existing concrete and give you the look of brand-new concrete. It is applied over your existing concrete leaves you with the look of a beautiful, smooth new surface. Concrete resurfacing can save you both time and money while offering the designer results that you desire.
    You can resurface so many different areas of your home or business! If the surface is concrete and it is looking down on its luck, don’t worry, you can resurface it! Resurface all concrete including:
      No matter which type of Dayton concrete resurfacing solution you choose, your concrete surface will need to be prepared beforehand. This may include:

    • Garage Concrete Floors
    • Driveway Concrete floors, this is a great way to raise curb appeal
    • Pool deck concrete, if you’re looking to raise property value this is it!
    • Basement concrete surfaces
    • Living spaces
    • Retail centers
    • And so much more

    Benefits of concrete resurfacing

    Not only does concrete resurfacing save you time and money, but there are many other benefits as well. Whether you are updating your garage floor or finishing a basement, concrete resurfacing is the best choice because of its longevity and durability. Concrete resurfacing can help you keep your concrete floor looking beautiful for many years to come.
    Saves Money

    Saves Money

    Resurfacing your concrete saves you money by not only keeping your upfront installation costs low but also by standing the test of time. When you resurface your concrete, you will not have to replace your concrete flooring for many years to come.

    Concrete Resurfacing Near Me

    Saves Time

    In addition to your cost savings, you will also save time. Because resurfaced concrete is so easy to care for, you will not waste your precious time cleaning your newly resurfaced flooring. When it comes to spills, they will not penetrate the surface, so a quick wipe up will keep the surface looking brand new. A regular sweep or dry mop is all that is needed to keep your resurfaced flooring looking shiny and brand new.

    Saves The Environment

    Saves the Environment

    Concrete resurfacing serves as a block to temperature change, saving you on your energy bills while also saving the earth by helping you reduce the use of your heating and cooling units. Resurfaced concrete helps to keep your interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is a win-win all the way around.

    Saves your vehicles and other machinery

    Saves your vehicles and other machinery

    When you chose to resurface your concrete, you chose a beautiful, durable concrete that creates a seamless surface that reduces the wear and tears on your vehicles and other machinery that you may keep in your garage or basement. This, in turn, saves you money on replacement and repair costs.

    High Appeal

    High Appeal

    Uneven, cracked concrete can be an eyesore for you and your guests. By resurfacing your concrete, you will have a gorgeous custom-designed floor that is unique to you and your home. You will have a fresh look minus all of the bumps and cracks you may notice on your existing floor. This also quickly adds value to one of your most valuable assets. Resurfacing your driveway adds curb appeal, but also resurfacing your basement or garage instantly adds value making your home more desirable to future buyers.

    General Concrete Resurfacing Services

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