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Commercial Epoxy


Epoxy Flooring Valdosta, here in Georgia is comprised of dedicated and talented professionals who love what they do. Our team wants to help you and your floors, don’t hesitate to call us for more information to enhance your business.
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    Commercial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

    Different Uses for Commercial Flooring

    Naked concrete is strong, but it is not resistant to damage and this is where epoxy floors come in. An epoxy floor coating enhances a commercial concrete floor by increasing its resistance to damages caused by everyday use. Concrete has a porous surface that is easily damaged by water, chemicals, oils, and other staining substances that can easily be absorbed into the concrete, causing expensive damages. Commercial concrete epoxy floors offer customers, clients, and business owners the opportunity to create an attractive, yet safe, flooring system.
    We have installed epoxy floors in many different types of commercial properties! Here are just a few of the ones. It should be noted, the commercial properties we have serviced epoxy flooring in have all wanted and required completely different details that epoxy was able to meet.
    Hangars! Because traditional concrete is so absorbent, the concrete is easily damaged by chemicals that aren’t easily removed. This can become a hazard for employees and visitors alike. Epoxy is great for areas, like hangars, that are exposed to fluids that need to be made easier to clean up and thrown away.
    Showrooms! Not only does epoxy commercial flooring repel oils, grease, and other vehicle fluids, the surface is seamless, so it is easy on vehicles and machinery.
    Pharmaceutical areas! Any hospital-like area requires flooring to abide by health code regulations and epoxy is just that floor. With its anti-microbial qualities, epoxy commercial floors are fantastic options for healthcare providing buildings.
    Food and Beverage service areas! Whether we are discussing commercial kitchens, facilities, or overall restaurant environments, epoxy commercial floors are the best! These floors are not only resistant to high levels of heat and food chemicals, but they are also bacteria-resistant, which is great for any space that handles and cares for food. The commercial epoxy floors are also resistant to wear from heavy foot traffic.

    About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Every business deserves high performing materials on their property. We offer commercial epoxy flooring at low rates from the best epoxy flooring installers in the state of Georgia. Give our professionals a call right now to learn more.

    Commercial Concrete Floor Epoxy


    With their tough seamless finish, professionally installed epoxy floors are resistant to bacteria and are inherently unhabitable by unhealthy growths. Epoxy floors pass the FDA and USDA required guidelines with passing colors.

    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Nonporous surfaces keep dust and debris on the surface, ready to clean
    • Epoxy floors do not allow bacteria to permeate its surface
    Commercial Epoxy Dayton Ohio


    When a surface is resistant to all forms of damage, they are considered hardwearing. Epoxy commercial floors are the strongest and most durable surfaces any business owner will have the pleasure of having installed. With changing levels of foot traffic and varying daily exposures, epoxy floors are ready for it all.

    • Resistant to fatigue, impact, staining, scratching
    • Chemically resistant
    • Has a strength of 10,000 PSI
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    What better way to have new flooring installed then not having to close down an entire business! Epoxy commercial floors are quickly installed, so your business will either be shut down for a very short period or won’t have to be shut down completely at all. Commercial epoxy floors are safe floors that allow you to keep your friends, customers, and clients safe.

    • Epoxy commercial floors are not toxic
    • Epoxy commercial floors improve visibility by 300%
    • Epoxy commercial floors are slip and fire-resistant
    Bank Friendly


    You heard correctly! Epoxy commercial floors are not going to hurt your bank account because they are not only utilizing a material that is already present, but they are resistant to a wide array of different possible damages, making them low-maintenance and easy to care for. You don’t need to spend your money on expensive cleaners or treatments over the years when you have an epoxy floor.

    • Little to maintenance means no money spent on expensive cleaners and treatments
    • They do require you to rip out your current floors, which saves thousands of dollars
    • Epoxy floors do not damage easily so repairs will be far and few in between
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    If you want to make your business truly stand out, a metallic epoxy floor is what you want. These floors create unimaginable designs on your floors that will keep your customers and clients enthralled with your business.

    • 3D illusions
    • 100% solid epoxy flooring
    • Resistant to chemicals, scratching, impact, staining, and so much more

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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