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Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Are you looking for an innovative flooring system that won’t only increase your concretes performance but be the perfect tool for interior design? Well, then it sounds like you need to know about our revolutionary epoxy floor coatings! With epoxy flooring, you will have the ability to make your floor as beautiful as it is durable, and its the most durable floor coating on the market! Besides looks and raw strength, epoxy has much more to offer with amazing benefits like:
  • Increase In Homes Valu
  • Extremely Hygenic Finish
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
Want to learn more about what epoxy can do for you? We have all the information you need down below!



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    Epoxy Flooring

    Why Consider An Epoxy Flooring System

    Unlike other traditional flooring systems, the best feature of the flooring system isn’t its appearance, its wide range of benefits is what makes the coating such an attractive option. We are proud to install our epoxies in any setting that needs a high-performance flooring capable of handling whatever life or business brings your way. So, down below we are going to be outlining only a few of the amazing benefits of our epoxies:
    • Offers best in class damage resistance to dropped objects, scratches or abrasions and even fire and electrical damage. These benefits alone have made epoxy the life proof flooring system.
    • Along with protection from physical damage, epoxy offers superior resistance to even the harshest chemicals. This means epoxy can protect your concrete from gasoline, battery acid and even industrial-grade cleaners that destroy conventional flooring solutions.
    • Thanks to the seamless design of epoxy, the flooring system is extremely hygienic. So hygienic that the USDA has approved the flooring for use in facilities such as food/beverage processing plants, restaurants and even in the medical field.
    • The ability to offer safety implementations such as slip and skid resistance, light reflection to make any setting it is placed in up to 150 percent brighter and customization that can make any workplace safer and more efficient with the use of stencils.
    • Epoxy can be installed faster than any other flooring system on the market with downtimes as little as 3 days!

    Epoxy Floorings Offered In Valdosta

    Are you tired of searching through flooring systems that offer subpar benefits at best? Well, we are proud to say that no matter where your concrete is, we have a flooring solution for you! While we have already gone through some of the top benefits of using one of our epoxies, we still need to cover the types of epoxy systems we provide to our neighbors in Valdosta. Down below, you are going to find all of the top epoxy floor coatings that we bring to Valdosta!
    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    • Garage floor epoxies are one of the most used flooring systems around the globe and down below you can find out why
    • Garage floor epoxy offers a carefree maintenance regiment that can make homeowners and commercial garage owners lives much less labor-intensive
    • A unique feature of garage epoxy is to make any garage it is placed in up to 150 percent brighter through its superior light reflection, making any garage safer and more efficient
    • A unique maintenance feature of garage epoxies is their ability to be cleaned up in a flash by recruiting the help from a standard garden hose to wash down a soiled garage
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Epoxy

    • Commercial epoxy is one of the commercial industry’s most trusted floor coatings so here’s what makes it so reliable in these settings:
    • Commercial epoxies are rated for use in even the most sensitive facilities such as food/beverage processing plants to medical facilities thanks to its approval from the USDA
    • What also makes commercial epoxy a great choice for high traffic facilities is its ability to resist the effects of high traffic such as scratches and abrasions or wear and tear
    • Using a commercial epoxy can also drastically increase the curb appeal of your business and in this age, appeal matters to consumers
    Metallic Epoxy Floor

    Metallic Epoxies

    • Are you tired of conventional flooring solutions and their boring finishes that leave much to be desired? Well, here’s what our metallic epoxy flooring can do for you:
    • Metallic epoxies use metallic pigments as an additive to create jaw-dropping finishes that mimic visuals like flowing lava, slow-burning embers, and puffy clouds
    • Metallic epoxy does more than make your concrete look better. They offer superior durability as they use the same epoxy base as our industrial epoxy solutions
    • Think maintenance is gonna be harsh for metallic epoxy? All you really need for maintenance is a soft bristle broom and a wet mop never waxes or polishes.
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    Industrial Epoxy

    • For our industrial facility owning neighbors, we know that you need a flooring system that works as hard as you do so here’s our industrial grade epoxy:
    • Industrial epoxies use the 100 percent solid epoxy base which is the strongest epoxy on the market with high damage thresholds for chemical and physical damage.
    • Industrial epoxy’s best feature is its rapid installation. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors can have your project finished in as little as 3-5 days!
    • You can even expect your industrial epoxy to stand up to the intense vibrations of heavy machinery without having to worry about delamination.
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    Residential Epoxy

    • If we take a look back a few decades, we will see epoxy being used in mostly commercial facilities but here’s how today’s epoxy can benefit your home:
    • Our line of epoxies offers amazing resistance to scratches and abrasions making it perfect for homes with rowdy children or long-nailed pets.
    • Epoxies are even a suitable flooring option for busy households as they require little attention when it comes to maintaining the flooring solution.
    • Homeowners that have used epoxy in the past have seen an increase of up to 5% in the value of their home with an average of 70% return of investment.

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    Our Service Areas

    Tired of searching the web for an epoxy contractor that you can rely on? Well, here at Epoxy Valdosta, we believe that good work speaks for itself! Want to know if you are eligible to receive our top-notch services? Down below, you will find all of the cities that we are willing and able to travel to.
    Our Service Areas Include:
    • Thomasville
    • Tallahassee
    • Bainbridge
    • Cairo
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    • Moultrie
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