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Concrete Coatings

Do you have boring, cold and gray concrete that you want to turn into a piece of art? Whether you need a coating for your driveway, garage, living room or even for your commercial facility, we have a concrete coating for you! Unlike other contractors in Valdosta, we offer a wide range of coatings that can turn any boring slab of concrete into something that you can be proud of! With a concrete coating, not only are you getting a visual upgrade, your concretes performance can get an upgrade with benefits like:
  • Increase In Concrete Service Life
  • The Versatility To Be Placed Anywhere
  • An Easier To Maintain Finish
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    Concrete Coatings Floor
    • One of the key features of our concrete based coatings is that they offer more versatility than the traditional flooring systems. No matter where you have concrete or want to have concrete placed, we have a coating that can transform your concrete

    Why Should You Use A Concrete Coating?

    When it comes to using a concrete coating system, there is much more involved than simply making your concrete look better. As a matter of fact, there are amazing benefits that go far past the aesthetic of your flooring system. As Valdostas top concrete coating provider, you can rely on us to make sure that you get the full range of benefits through our professional installation and high-grade materials. Ready to see how a coating can change how you use your concrete? Down below you will find a few of the benefits of using a concrete coating:
    • A coating can drastically increase the lifespan of your concrete by protecting it from forms of physical and even chemical damage. Our high-grade materials are resistant to damage from dropped objects, scratches and abrasions and even harsh chemicals like degreasers, cleaners, and gasoline
    • We offer a wide range of coatings but even further variations of coatings to ensure that your floor coating is set apart from the rest, making a one of a kind flooring system
    • Homeowners love using concrete coatings as they serve to be amazing investments, increasing the value of the home by up to 5%, often seeing a return of investment of up to 70%.

    Concrete Coatings We Offer In Valdosta

    If we take a look back only a few decades, you would find that the only concrete coatings available didn’t do your concrete any justice. Fast forward to today and you will find that the selection and benefits of using a concrete coating can upgrade your concrete like never before! As Valdosta’s top-rated concrete coating provider, we offer a broad range of coatings that can be implemented on any slab, indoor or outdoors. Down below, you will find the most popular coatings we provide:
    Concrete Sealing

    Concrete Sealing

    • For our clients that love the look of traditional concrete, we offer the service of concrete sealing that provides the natural look of concrete with some protection as well:
    • With an acrylic sealer, you can protect your concrete from stains, water damage and even discoloration with age
    • With a polyurethane sealer, you get the same protection from stains and water as an acrylic sealer but with the bonus of longer service life and protection from minor scratches and abrasions
    • We offer our epoxy sealers for our clients that require a high-performance sealer resistant to physical and chemical damage in garages and commercial facilities
    Concrete Floor Coatings Valdosta

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    • Garage floor epoxies are one of the most used floor coatings in both the residential and commercial market and here’s why:
    • Garage epoxies have the ability to turn any dusty and drab concrete surface into the envy of your neighborhood with dazzling finishes like metallic epoxy, epoxy flake flooring, and even logo implementation.
    • To protect these finishes, you can count on your garage epoxy to protect these finishes superior stain resistance from oils, gasoline, and degreasers
    • To clean the garage epoxy, you can use your standard garden hose to wash down a heavily soiled finish, not recommended when soiled with oil or other degreasers.
    Concrete Epoxy Coating

    Wood Stamped Concrete

    • Do you love the timeless aesthetic of traditional wood flooring but aren’t in love with its fragility and harsh maintenance, here’s what our wood stamped concrete can do for you:
    • Wood stamped concrete offers a much more durable flooring solution than traditional wood floors with, well, the durability of concrete!
    • To make sure our rustic wood flooring is as visually close to real wood, we craft all of our stamps out of real wood planks for ultra-realism
    • Far gone are the days of hours of cruel maintenance with traditional wood, all you need with our wood-concrete is a mop and broom!
    Concrete Epoxy Coatings

    Metallic Epoxy Floors

    • Are you tired of convention flooring systems and their boring finishes that leave you wanting more? Well, here’s what our metallic epoxy flooring can do for you:
    • Metallic epoxies use metallic pigments as an additive to create stunning finishes that mimic visuals like a sky full of clouds, slow-burning embers, and even foaming waves
    • There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to metallic epoxies. They offer superior durability as they use the same epoxy base as our industrial epoxy solutions
    • Think maintenance is gonna be a drag on metallic epoxy? Nope! All you really need for maintenance is a soft bristle broom and a wet mop!
    Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete Resurfacing

    • Do you have damaged concrete and the only option is to replace it? Well, you won’t have to with our concrete resurfacing services!
    • With concrete resurfacing, we can save your existing concrete with an advanced micro topping that can save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time. We can only perform this service on moderately damaged concrete.
    • We offer a full range of coatings for interior resurfacing, but exterior resurfacing materials exclude our range of epoxy solutions.
    • TNot only can resurfacing your concrete make it more attractive, but it can also make your concrete slab more durable and even safer to use!

    Professional And Affordable Concrete Coatings

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    Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

    Our Service Areas

    Tired of searching all over the place for a reliable concrete coating contractor? Well, here at Epoxy Valdosta, we believe that our work speaks for itself! Want to know if you are eligible to receive all of our top-notch services? Down below, you will find all of the cities that we are willing and able to travel to.
    Our Service Areas Include:
    • Thomasville
    • Tallahassee
    • Bainbridge
    • Cairo
    • Camilla
    • Moultrie
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