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Rustic Wood


Here at Epoxy Flooring Valdosta, we offer our clients endless opportunities to choose their dream concrete floors. Our professional technicians have decades of combined experience working with concrete. Whatever you need, we can handle, so call us today for more information on what we offer!
We offer:
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    Authentic Wood

    Rustic Wood VS Authentic Wood

    A rustic wood floor is a stamped concrete surface that has been around since the 1950’s, well, the stamping part has been around that long. Rustic wood is an advancement in technology since the use of real wood started to prove how expensive and fragile the beautiful floors were. Authentic wood, although beautiful, is not easy to care for nor is it easy to install because it is extremely expensive. Rustic wood, on the other hand, provides a long-lasting solution to this problem because it does not require extensive care or expensive installments.
    Real wood:
    • Expensive, up to $20 per square foot
    • Shrinks and cracks when the weather changes
    • Is not resistant to staining, impact, or scratching
    • Will require expensive treatments and waxes
    Rustic Wood:
    • Has unlimited design opportunities
    • Lasts longer than real wood
    • Are pet and children friendly
    • Does not require special waxes or cleaners

    About Rustic Wood Flooring

    Authentic wood is undeniably beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be expensive and delicate anymore! You can achieve the same appearance and texture without all of the hassle and money. What else can rustic wood do for you?
    Damage Resistance

    Damage Resistance

    When the subgrade is strong and resilient the stamped portion of your floors will also be strong and resilient. A professionally installed rustic wood floor offers business and homeowners:

    • Extremely tough flooring
    • Resistant flooring to pressure and impact
    • High heels will not scratch or damage the floors
    • Furniture legs are not an issue
    • Children and pets can play and run around without a care in the world
    • This will not chip or spall
    Easily Maintainable

    Easily Maintainable

    Concrete has its perks, especially when you don’t have to administer backbreaking cleaning sessions regularly to ensure your floors keep their beauty. Maintenance for a rustic wood floor looks something like:

    • Every 9 months to a year you should have it professionally checked or sealed depending on the surface and the property it is installed in
    • Easy wiping or sweeping
    • Little to no deep cleans unless major spillage occurs
    • Their resistance to damage creates a long-lasting surface


    This year, wood has become the trend and different styles of wood mean staggering price differences between designs, but not with rustic wood concrete! Our rustic wood options can be installed to suit your color and design ideas without breaking the bank.

    • Extremely tough flooring
    • Change designs and add your style
    • Interior and exterior designs are possible
    • Install a rustic wood patio, or walkway
    Commercial Rustic Wood Flooring

    Commercial Rustic Wood Flooring

    For businesses looking for strong and resilient floors that also have strong ties to the trend of the year, rustic wood floors are the best way to go! These floors create a popular atmosphere while taking your customers on a design journey. Our professional installations are not like any other authentic wood floor that would damage under high foot-traffic.

    • Rustic wood floors are safe for customers and clients
    • Rustic wood flooring is chic while being very laid back
    • Rustic wood floors are resistant to damages caused by high foot-traffic
    Residential Rustic Wood Flooring

    Residential Rustic Wood Flooring

    Don’t get too worked up if your children are running around with their animals indoors when you have a rustic wood floor! These floors are made to be handled and do not need to be coddled. Rustic wood flooring is perfect for a home that is under constant use and needs a floor that is low-maintenance yet attractive.

    • Rustic wood floors are non-toxic
    • Rustic wood floors are quickly installed
    • Rustic wood floors last over two-decades

    Rustic Wood Flooring Services

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    Residential Rustic Wood Flooring

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