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Epoxy Flooring

We know how hard you work to make sure your business stays in the black, so wouldn’t you want a flooring system that works just as hard as you do? Well, what would have seemed to be a dream can now be a reality with one of our amazing industrial epoxy flooring systems! As one of the top-rated epoxy providers in Valdosta, we know what it takes to get your project done the first time around! With an industrial epoxy, you will experience benefits like:
  • Increased Damage Tolerance
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Rapid Installation Times
Ready to learn more about our industrial epoxies? We have all you need to know down below!



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    Industrial Epoxy Flooring
    • Before we put the finishes touches on your epoxy, we give you the option to use stencils to create text, arrows, walkways/vehicle paths, and even barriers to create a safer and more efficient workplace.
    • When it comes to curing time for the epoxy, for our standard 100 percent solid based, curing time can take up to 24 hours but, we offer a quick cure epoxy that can be ready for light duty in as little as one hour!

    Installation Process Of Industrial Epoxy

    We know how important it is that your facility doesn’t see any slowdowns or shutdowns during the renovation process. Even though we use a multi-stage approach to our installation process; unlike other contractors in Valdosta, you will find that we will find optimal times and rapid installation to provide our superior finishes faster than the other guys. With that being said, you are going to find what to expect when we install an epoxy flooring solution in your industrial facility down below:
    • The first step of the process is going to be the longest that we are actually in your facility. This is where we clean and profile your concrete slab to prepare it for the actual installation of epoxy. We use industrial-grade grinders with diamond blades to reach the optimum exposure of concrete pores.
    • Now comes time to actually install your epoxy. While this can be an inconvenience, we can plan around your schedule to do this when the time is right for you and your facility. We know that some facilities are 24/7 operations and that is where we can actually install your epoxy in sections with a sacrifice to the seamless finish of the epoxy.

    Benefits Of Using Industrial Epoxies

    Tired of having to deal with the subpar performance of your current or past flooring system? Well, with one of our industrial epoxies, you could bring your flooring into the future with all of the amazing benefits that are brought to the table. As Valdostas top-rated epoxy flooring contractors, you can count on us to bring you the full range of benefits of epoxy that cant be brought by a normal contractor. With the use of our industry-changing materials, you could experience the following benefits:
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

    Damage Resistance

    • Industrial epoxy uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base which is the strongest epoxy on the market, so here’s what you can expect from it:
    • Exceptional resistance to damage from the impact of dropped objects, hot tires or constant forklift traffic and even the heavy vibrations from heavy machinery.
    • Along with physical damage resistance, industrial epoxies offer a weight tolerance of up to 15,000 PSI. For comparison, concrete only offers a 3,500 PSI weight tolerance.
    • Our floor coatings also offer protection from unfortunate events like the event of a flood, fire damage and even forms of electrical damage for superior accident protection.
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

    Extremely Hygenic

    • Industrial epoxy offers an extremely hygienic finish, allowing it to be used in any facility where a high-performance flooring system is required and here’s how:
    • Industrial epoxies offer a seamless and smooth finish that allows the flooring system to be rapidly decontaminated with even the harshest disinfectants.
    • Due to its seamless finish, the USDA has approved the floor coating for use in facilities such as restaurants, food or beverage processing plants and even in medical facilities.
    • The seamless finish doesn’t allow for any rogue germs or stray food particles to hide in cracks or crevices, removing the chance of health hazards from these sources when properly disinfected.
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

    Chemical Resistance

    • Along with unmatched physical damage resistance, our industrial epoxies offer amazing chemical resistance so here is what you can expect from your epoxy:
    • Our coatings offer resistance to even the harshest chemicals found in your facility, for example, your epoxy can resist battery acid, degreasers, and even harsh industrial-grade cleaners.
    • While protecting your concrete is the priority, our epoxy makes chemical spills much easier to clean up by isolating all moisture on its seamless and nonporous topcoat.
    • By isolating chemicals on its topcoat, industrial epoxies eliminate the chance of chemical contamination reaching the soils underneath your concrete slab, making your facility an ecofriendly setting.
    Floor Epoxy Industrial


    • One of the key features that make industrial epoxy flooring an attractive option is the long service life that they can provide and here’s how:
    • With professional installation and proper maintenance, you can expect your industrial epoxy to serve your facility anywhere from 20-30 years!
    • Thanks to the massive service life of epoxy, the average lifecycle costs to own this coating bring the same maintenance costs as a standard concrete flooring system.
    • Not only will your epoxy last a long time, but epoxy has been known to make any concrete slab; that is in relatively good shape, last anywhere from 2-3 times longer than exposed concrete.
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering

    Safety Implementations

    • One of the best benefits of using an industrial epoxy in your facility is the safety features that these coatings bring to the table such as:
    • Epoxy offers an extremely slip and skid-resistant finish when dry but if your facility is exposed to moisture regularly, we offer an additive to give your epoxy texture, making it easier and safer to walk on.
    • Epoxy can also increase the brightness of your facility by 150% with superior light reflection.
    • We offer the use of stencils to create arrows, text and vehicle/walkways to make your facility safer and more efficient to work in.

    Professional Industrial Epoxy Services

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