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    About Pool Deck

    About Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Your pool deck should be a place where you and your family make happy memories, not memories of accidents and unsightly concrete. Your pool deck, aside from providing sentimental value, is also the best way to ensure your property value rises without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Your concrete does not have to be grey and old, with a proper resurfacing job your deck can be bright, fun, and beautiful!
    Here are the general steps we will be taking to take your pool deck from dull and dangerous to bright and inviting.
    • We will remove all foreign and loose objects from the pool deck
    • Old sealers, paints, curing compounds, and glues will also have to be removed
    • All cracks will have to be filled in
    • Your deck will be power washed
    • Your new resurfacing job will begin!
    The steps may vary depending on the temperature outside, the condition of your existing concrete, and the design you have chosen.

    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Don’t replace, resurface! There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a pool deck surface that can easily be accomplished by resurfacing the concrete. Save yourself time and money by calling us right now!
    Stamped Pool Deck Concrete

    Stamped Pool Deck Concrete

    When you resurface concrete pool decks you have the option of having a completely new look installed as well! Stamped concrete pool decks provide owners the possibility of installing decks that match their interior floors, mimic the appearance of delicate materials, or install designs that would not be strong enough for the outdoors if the deck was not concrete.

    • Stamped pool decks mimic wood, tile, or natural stone
    • Stamped pool decks can mimic interior floors to make everything match
    • Stamped pool decks can be installed with slip-resistant qualities your previous deck did not have
    Cool Deck Coating

    Cool Deck Coating

    Once you have your pool deck resurfaced, adding a cool deck coating is a fantastic option, especially if you have children who have delicate feet. Children are much more likely to hurt themselves while play on a pool deck for many different reasons and cool deck coatings help limit the amount of trouble they may get in by:

    • Being slip and heat resistant
    • Being long-lasting
    • Being durable against pool water, weather erosion, and UV-rays
    Stained Pool Deck Concrete

    Stained Pool Deck Concrete

    Do you just want a pool deck that doesn’t need a constant redesign, or do you have a one-track mind and one permanent design sounds like the type for you? A stained pool deck concrete offers deep earth tones that do not disappear for decades, if ever and keep you from installing new designs every 10 to 15 years.

    • Stained concrete lasts for over 25-30 years
    • Stained concrete does not spall or chip
    • Stained concrete offers unique earth tones
    Pool Deck Pavers

    Pool Deck Pavers

    Pavers have become one of the most sought-after pool deck solutions because they offer ease of ownership that other floors simply cannot. Pavers are great for design, color, and texture variety.

    • Pavers are extremely slip-resistant
    • Pavers can be repaired one by one and do not have to remove more than one at a time
    • Pavers can be installed to mimic other flooring solutions
    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    When you choose to resurface your pool deck you are rejuvenating life back into your concrete! Extending your pool decks lifespan can enhance the overall appearance of your landscape and can truly help you save money by earning you money back!

    • Pool deck resurfacing is eco-friendly because you are not producing excessive waste
    • Pool deck resurfacing is quick and efficient
    • Pool deck resurfacing is cost-effective because it saves money and lasts for decades

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

    Call our professionals today to learn more about SUDS pool deck resurfacing!

    Here we go!

    Here we go!

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